The Sound Industry vs. The Music Industry

You can fool a lot of people by the recordings. You can have a mediocre pop singer (eg. Taylor Swift) with thousands of dollars of equipment in the palm of their hands and then you can have an phenomenal artist (eg. Bon Iver/ Justin Vernon) who recorded his whole album (For Emma, Forever Ago) with a crappy guitar, a few mics, and a laptop. The pop singer makes millions but the real musicians make 5 star albums. As sad as it is, most people prefer the pretty non-musical happy pieces that people can grind to and drive around with the car windows down to rather than the heart-numbing pieces of expression that all humans can relate to.

- tom-cat

My First Album

Album Cover

(album artwork for tom-cat's album high school)

Hello friends!

My album was just reviewed by Nevin Baker, an indie music examiner!  If you guys want a little preview of the album, then take a look at this link:
It will be available November 11th on iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, and etc.!

Thank you so much for your support.  I couldn’t do it without you guys!  Please reblog this, spread this around!  It would make my evening :D

- tom-cat 

A cover of Bon Iver’s Skinny Love my band Faux Reality ( demoed a long time ago.  Enjoy!

- tom-cat

(Source: sunflowerstudiosks)

Bon Hiver approaching.

Bring it cold.

- tom-cat 

Dreams: Happyness

Tomorrow is my last day in Orlando, Florida. It’s been a really great trip. Bon Iver was amazing.  Universal Studios, Sea World and the ocean have been great and I’m sure that Disney World will be as well.  My family has made it fun most importantly though— My little three year niece has been an adventurous goof ball the whole entire trip.  I have spent much time thinking about this trip and I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a trip I will never forget.  I met some really cool people that made me realize that I am not alone in the theory to dream.  Many individuals made me realize that anyone has potential be to be what ever they dream to be.  That is genuine.  It is something I want to be around the rest of my life.  People who dare to dream, make a difference—well,  a difference in at least in my life anyway.

Now I will return to my simple Kansas life where I create music myself in the studio and work a part-time job.  Instead of being surrounded by khaki shorts/ fanny pack wearing tourists, I will be surrounded by the quiet and gentle Kansas breeze in simple seclusion.  But I will start a fresh, new life when I return to my Kansas home.  A brilliant new adventure.  I am am now a free individual with a big dream.  A dream to bring music to new groups of people, to move into a house and create a new album, and to finally be happy with myself.  Happyness is a great feeling (Yes, I used a Faux Reality pun).  I know if I work on what I dream, I will be happy.  That is the same for any of you out there.  Don’t give up on what you really love.  It could be a having relationship, a career, a desire to travel, or anything you dare to dream.  Do what you enjoy doing and don’t let anyone take you down to misery.  

I will keep all of you updated on how my adventure goes with blogs like these, pictures, videos, songs and more.  Thank you for those who read; you are really appreciated.

- tom-cat