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The Drummer for my band.

- tom-cat 

First Album entitled “High School”

Recording in 2008
Picture taken in 2008.

I have some news that I would like to share with tumblr.  I have been playing in a band called Faux Reality ( for a little longer than five years.  Throughout these five years, I have created many little songs that were only released as small 30-60 second videos.  For Faux Reality, I have only publicly documented a few songs such as “Hourglass” and “December Decays.” I believe that the songs I write for Faux Reality are a way that the band as a whole can express our vision that dwells within our souls.  My personal work is not described as this vision; it is just a way that I express myself.  Writing/recording these types of songs put me in an altered state of mind in which I feel safe by having this music solitude.  If I played every song that I wrote in Faux Reality, Faux Reality would be this genre-disaster that would be difficult to understand.   

This is by no means a break-away from Faux Reality (We are in the process of creating an album as well) but really just an outgoing way to document my songs over the past five years.

This album will be entitled High School.  I have no idea how many songs will be on the album—My assumption will be +15.

To be honest, I don’t expect anyone to like what I create.  Like I said, this is my way of expressing myself and documenting my work.  I want to look at this in 20 years and say "Wow, I made a bunch of bad songs in high school.  I’m glad that I think I am making less-terrible songs now." 

my drummer jammin to some jazz

my drummer jammin to some jazz

My band Faux Reality

My band Faux Reality