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Happy Wednesday everyone. Here is Sunflower Studio’s first official music video - Wooden Box #2 performed by El Dorado band Faux Reality. Give it a like, a share, and maybe hit the follow button. Thank you!

A friend of mine just filmed my band’s first music video.  It was his first music video as well and I think he did a great job!

The Sound Industry vs. The Music Industry

You can fool a lot of people by the recordings. You can have a mediocre pop singer (eg. Taylor Swift) with thousands of dollars of equipment in the palm of their hands and then you can have an phenomenal artist (eg. Bon Iver/ Justin Vernon) who recorded his whole album (For Emma, Forever Ago) with a crappy guitar, a few mics, and a laptop. The pop singer makes millions but the real musicians make 5 star albums. As sad as it is, most people prefer the pretty non-musical happy pieces that people can grind to and drive around with the car windows down to rather than the heart-numbing pieces of expression that all humans can relate to.

- tom-cat

musician meme i made lol

musician meme i made lol